Spectacular Stride Machine is an endless runner with balance control mechanics about one of the forgotten steam inventions and it's owner.

Back in 1876, England:

"It's alive! I was finnaly able to make it move! My SPECTACULAR STRIDE MACHINE! MWAHAHAHA! Time for a walk to the patent office! Let's see who has the last laugh then!" - Unknown inventor.

Today, Lithuania:

Team KAMAN has found some old blueprints of an unknown machine. It was a gadget invented by a scientist [UNREADABLE NAME], who lived in Victorian England and used steam as the main source of power for his inventions. Unfortunately, the mechanism seems to be nonfunctioning and impossible to make.

Ludum Dare entry


  • Avoid obstacles by changing the height of the Stride Machine.
  • Keep balance by adjusting the tilt of the Machine.


  • Arrows left/right - Lean machine left / right
  • Arrows up/down - Adjust height level of the machine


Ksenia Shatunova @xushaw – art

Anton Kolchunov @garfeild – coding

Monika Anastasija Daunyte @artisacurse – art and animations

Andrew Vasiliev @Andrew_Chewie – coding

Nika Tomenko @kys_violet – art


Spectacular Stride Machine OS X 33 MB
Spectacular Stride Machine Win 62 MB


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Where is the linux build?